UMW Student Health Plan

Dear Students:

Our student health insurance is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana.  Most Montana University System campuses have this insurance.  It is a requirement of the University of Montana Western that students carrying seven or more credits have some form of health insurance. 

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana health policy is offered through the University of Montana Western and the premium for this policy will be automatically assessed to students.  The premiums are paid on a semster basis along with tuition and fees.  Those students covered by the insurance for Spring Semster will automatically be covered during the summer, even if they are not enrolled for classes in Summer Semester. 

If you have other health insurance, you may waive the student health insurance by signing the appropriate form at the time of payment of fees. 

2016/2017 Insurance Rates

Fall Semester- 08/01/2016 - 01/31/2017--$1,683.00
Spring Semester- 02/01/2017- 07/31/2017-- $1,683.00

The University of Montana Western Health Service provides the following services:
1. Student health insurance information
2. Wellness blood draw
3. Referrals to other campus and community services

The Provider List can be assessed at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana website:
For further information, please call the Student Insurance Office on your campus or Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana.

Dedicated Student Service Team: 1(800) 239-9446

Benefits and general provisions described herein are subject to the terms of the Group Contract.